April is Autism Awareness Month

autismmultiSo happy to share with everyone that April is Autism Awareness month. This is the time to draw special attention to learning more about autism spectrum disorder. Chances are, you know someone with ASD. People with autism are awesome! They are fun and creative. They are charming and intelligent. They are hard working. They are helpful. They love to be engaged with others even when they have difficulty doing so.

In my world of autism, I have learned more about superheroes, Lego sets (hate stepping on them), and various brands of cars than the average person. I’ve watched hours of YouTube videos about Minecraft. I can’t tell you the numerous times I’ve heard Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or another song of his choosing on repeat…all day!

As my son gets older, he’s getting better at navigating in his environment. He’s forming friendships with his peers. He’s become more comfortable in front of crowds; he refers to himself as a comedian (he’s really funny)! Most of all, he’s become an advocate for others in the autism community.

Take a little time to learn about autism. Talk to someone with ASD. Awareness increases the acceptability in our world.


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