He Will…

He will be fine. He will experience happiness. He will have a fantastic support system. He will enjoy life and all its possibilities. He will surpass many doctors’ expectations.

He will always collect all things Iron Man. He will create special masterpieces with Lego sets and the Minecraft video game.

He will tell me his dreams and plans. He will go on believing in himself. He will leave a life-long lasting impression on others. He will entertain people. He will make others laugh because his is so infectious. He will light up a room with his smile.

He will conduct himself accordingly…most of the time. He will have times when he displays impulsive responses. He will continue to work hard minimizing meltdowns.

He will receive an adequate education. He will be more than a label. He will NOT be a statistic. He will NOT be on the School to Prison Pipeline. He will NOT go to jail. He will NOT be in the next viral video of a police shooting an unarmed black male.

He will learn self discipline. He will have structure. He will learn to make lifetime friends. He will become part of a team. He will have a sense of safety and security. He will have goals. He will accomplish them. He will gain independence. He will discover his passion.

He will date. He will know how to respect girls. He will have his first love. He will have his first kiss.  He will be exposed to heartbreak. He will find love again.

He learn to overcome obstacles. He will know to trust his instinct. He will know who to trust. He will forgive others when they betray him but he will NOT forget. He will make mistakes. He will learn from them.

He will have positive male role models. He will learn from them the proper tools going  into manhood. He will be able to count on these men for advice and guidance.

He will become a man. He will know that involves more than just getting older. He will know a man is measured by his character and virtue.

He take accountability for his actions. He will strive to be best he can be. He will NOT give up. He will NOT walk away when situations become too strenuous.

He will get married. He will be a loving husband. He will be a respected father. He will be a provider. He will make certain his children are high priority in his life.

He will reflect on his childhood and have a multitude of precious memories. He will remember the special trips and the incredible adventures. He will appreciate those who gave him guidance.

He will know who was there for him and who wasn’t.

He will be fine…without you.