Avengers for Autism: Autism Speaks Walk


We have been so busy planning for summer activities that it leaves little time to write. One of the things I’m proud to announce is that we’ve formed a team to raise money for research and services for families with autism.  We are participating in a local Autism Speaks’ walk and fundraiser. We joined forces with another team and we’re known as Avengers for Autism!!!

Please help us in meeting our goal of $2000. All you have to do is click the link below.



Getting services for children on the autism spectrum can be a challenge. It is important to spread awareness and increase acceptance. Also, those on the spectrum need more services and the ability to access them. Autism affects one in every 68 American individuals including one in 42 boys, and is the fastest-growing serious developmental disorder in the U.S. Let’s make a difference for those living with autism!!!

Thank you. Your help is appreciated.